All about the Diaspora* social network

Part V – Conversations

The last big feature you should definitely know about is “Conversations”. A conversation is a private message, shared with one or multiple followers. Please note that conversations only work with mutual followers!

To access this feature, click on the mail icon in the header. It will take you to a page consisting of two columns; one to be filled with conversations and one to show the contents of these conversations.

The conversations page

Use the button in the left menu to start a new conversation. The button will open a pop-up window where you can write a message and add people to address. When typing a name in the “to” line the name will be autocompleted, just like when you mention someone. Check the adressed contacts, add a subject in the subjectline, typ your message and off you go! It is that simple. You can also use text formatting here, so feel free to add bold titles and big headers in your message.

I did not dare to sent this, sorry!

You can look up your conversations by clicking on them in the left column, after which they will open on the right. Replying is pretty straight-forward. On the top left you will find a list of recipients. Make sure to check this before starting a gossip, as the item in the left column only shows the avatar of the original sender and the name of the last one to have replied. There may well be more people attending the conversation. The grey number on the item in the left column represents the amount of messages within the conversation; a red number indicates the amount of unread messages.

It is possible to delete the conversation from your item list. This can be done by selecting the conversation in the left menu and then clicking the “X” in the top right corner. Blocking a conversation means you will delete the item from the list and block it from receiving any new replies. Please not that it is still possible for others to send messages! You will just not be receiving them any more.

That is all there is to be said about conversations. You are almost through the tutorial! Go read the last part! :D


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