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Posted by on February 2nd, 2012 in Articles, Features

People have been asking for this feature for months now and finally, thanks to Oliver, there is an interesting workaround that seems to be doing the job quite well. To quote the developer, “I hacked together a Perl script that aggregates RSS/atom feeds and posts them to a Diaspora account. This way, you can now use your stream as an RSS feed reader and you will never miss your daily #Dilbert or your not-so-daily #xkcd.”

Oliver created an account (rss_bot@pod.fractal.bz) that is updated once every five minutes with just the following feeds for now:

He is quick to point out that this is just an experimental feature, answering most FAQs neatly in his post on the matter. All in all, the service is remarkably well-oiled and dependable. Go ahead and give it a shot — playing in the sandbox before it’s populated is always a treat!

Feel free to contact the author about anything Diaspora-related. He’ll reply just as soon as he catches up on his xkcd fill…

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  2. It should be noted though that there needs to be a connection between your pod and Olivers rss-bot.
    That means that you can only follow the feeds if there is an account on your pod that has the rss-bot in his contactlist.
    This is the case on diasp.org and i believe on joindiaspora aswell. To use the feeds on other pods one has to create a new account first and add the rss-bot to its contacts.

    • Hmm, I just checked with Oliver and this is what he has to say: “As far as I understand it, one user on your pod has to share with the bot. This pulls the public posts in and all users on the pod will see them then.”

  3. What I’ve been wanting is RSS feeds going the other way. Specifically I need an rss feed of a particular hashtag’s public posts, so I can show one my website what relevant posts are being made on Diaspora.