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Posted by on January 30th, 2012 in Diasporial

Dear visitor,

As you may know Diasporial had a little hiccup about two months ago, resulting in an unfortunate loss of data. Though lots of the old content could be retrieved, one or two articles may have been lost. We also weren’t able to save the user base. This bugged me a lot because I strongly value the effort other people put in Diasporial and as such I felt personally responsible for every single bit that got lost. The truth is that Diasporial was running on free webhosting (don’t ask) and they suspended the account to trigger me into buying worthless premium hosting. A complete scam. Then it also turned out my back-up had failed on me.

To avoid Diasporial from being down for too long, I registered a new account at the same host, this time checking my back-ups daily. I knew disaster was going to strike again and so, the second time, I rapidly moved over to a new host. Luckily, this one has been stable for me ever since I joined well over a month ago. However, not willing to await another doom day, I decided to move on to a better host. If Dennis Schubert doesn’t ring a bell for you, then perhaps Geraspora will.

Dennis has been so polite to offer Diasporial free hosting on one of his servers. He has always been very supportive towards Diasporial and he’s a great Diaspora friend of mine whom I regularly talk to. Being hosted by Geraspora gives me the confidence needed to successfully run this space; now I know everything I do will be saved permanently, without having to manually back-up the database after every single update. Diasporial now has automatic nightly back-ups, going back till 14 days ago. Safety first.

So this post is to say thanks to the Geraspora team! You mean more to Diaspora than most people may be aware off. Rock on!

Many hearts,
Kevin and the Diasporial team


In other news:

We have updated the “What’s Diaspora” page to better reflect the current state of the project. This change also includes a brand new “Features” page. Feedback is much appreciated!

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