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Posted by on February 29th, 2012 in Articles, Features

Hey people, what’s up?

The quiet has passed and the storm has reached us. After at least two weeks of hard work by the core team, yesterday saw the release of what must be my favourite Diaspora update so far: intelligent post page templates.

I’ve never denied that a picture says more than a 9000 words, which is why I will skip all the chitchat for now and instead ask you:

What is your favourite template?

To help you decide, I’ve taken some screen captures for you, showing off various templates. Have a look at them, then go ahead and leave your vote on the poll below!





1. The video template



2. The one-liner template



3. The blog with picture template


Okay, okay, this is just the blog template with a markdown image. So what?



4. The one-liner with picture template



5. The multiple pictures template



6. The blog template


With a super nice indented paragraph! <3


What's your favourite template?

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17 Responses to Choose your favourite template!



    • Sean Tilley |

      I think at the moment, templates change automatically based on the content put into them. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is eventually made to be customizable though! ;)

  2. I hope, they can be customisable, or choosable.
    It’s just yet that i’ve seen template on diasp.org.
    But very ugly, text is very big and cover the pic, and they’re cut…

  3. I actually don’t like any of them. Those have a certain “Tumblr look” to them I think. I’m not trying to be especially negative about this, don’t get me wrong.

    It seems that, depending on the amount of content in a text-based post-type, the centered text looks naturally out-of-whack.

    A customisation feature would be very much welcome on my part. Big-ass type and white-space in a seemingly single-colum design is a bit too much for me.

    I guess I won’t be exposed too often to those single post views since I usually only scan my stream. Yet, I was quite shocked when I accidentally stumbled over one of my posts in single post view.

  4. You’re wasting the resources available.
    If I’ve paid for a 27″ monitor, Its because I want to read more than one sentence …

    (6) also wastes all that whitespace around a paragraph, while still making the font small and hard to read.

    The image ones aren’t too bad, but we’re losing the ability to shape the output according to device. I’d like these outputs on a tablet or smartphone, but I want the traditional view on a desktop.

  5. I like the space it gives but its seriously not functional yet. I NEED a notifications list otherwise I spend half my time clicking the house button just to get to my next notification.

    Its especially good with medium size pictures but its not linking to large pics very well. Looks cool with vids too but my vids are still chopped off on the right.

    I cannot Copy/Paste text from the window at all which NEEEEDs fixed as copy/paste is my fave keyboard shortcut in the whole world.

    Also, I just pulled out this chat window and it dissapeared behind your right margin :(

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